Our Products

We share our passion with the world, conecting farmers from South America
with global consumers looking for quality natural products.




Green Coffee

Amativo works with diverse varieties and qualities of coffee





Single origin, fine-flavor cocoa from Colombia and Ecuador





A genuine experience in Colombian coffee region and visits to various touristic places in between


Our company is built with our producers and clients.
As a family, we work together to innovate the way we trade agro products,
creating more opportunities in between and trasforming the industry.


Wax Trees Planted, part of our reforestation plan with Contreebute


Impacted families



Countries impacted



New Stories From Us

Resultados de MOC 2019-1

Los resultados de Colombia son como siguiente: Master of Café Colombia...
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아마티보 오퍼 리스트

안녕하세요. 아마티보의 콜롬비아 커피에 관심을 가져주셔서 감사합니다. 밑에 아마티보의 2019 봄...
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RoTC 캠프 생두 컵핑 리스트

ROTC 캠프 참석 하신 분들을 위한 생두 오퍼입니다. 10월 10일까지 오퍼...
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아마티보 소식 (2018년 8월)

아마티보 오퍼리스트 (PDF) 안녕하세요. 더운 날씨에 수고 많으십니다. 지난 1달반의 출장을...
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2018 Master of Cafe Colombia Final

Gracias a todos los productores de café y personas en la...
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Master of Cafe Colombia

Después de analizar 41 muestras de café de todo el país,...
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The Awesome Team

Daniel Velásquez

Regional Director Colombia

Medellín, Colombia
Col: (+57) 314 796 9080

Mateo Jimenez

Commercial Director China

RPC, Shanghai
Ch: (+86) 13422127147
微信号/wechat: mjimen14

Mark Kang

Commercial Director South Korea

Seoul. Korea
Korea: (+82) 010-9377-4373