Amativo and Contreebute

Global warming and nature degradation are jeopardizing the production of coffee and cacao in Colombia, making uncertain the availability of these wonderful crops in the future, while threatening the sustenance of thousands of farming families.

Therefore, as a company built upon the believe of sustainable trade, we partnership with Contreebute, in a project to regrow wax palms using part of our profit. The wax palm is Colombia’s endangered national tree and it grows around the region of Salento, a place known for its astonishing beauty, coffee landscape and the constant thread of deforestation.


With this initiative we plan to grow 800 wax palms in 2018, and keep increasing the number every year, so we can give back a little of all the wonderful gifts from nature: coffee & cacao.     


Wax Trees Planted, part of our reforestation plan with Contreebute