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Origin program is created by the Amativo team to build strong relationships between growers and clients. We visit different regions in Colombia, a whole adventure that immerse you in the amazing coffee culture that Colombia has.

The program will allow you to fully understand the process of Colombian coffee from seed to cup.

This is a true experience led by those who dedicate in coffee business in Colombia. No actors. Just genuine people

We visit diverse types of farms, commercial – high commercial – specialty and premium in different microclimates close to traditional coffee towns of Jardin, Concordia and Urrao.

We visit the coffee processing mill to understand green coffee physical preparation and how to manage coffee defects. 

We have educational seminars or cuppings session at SENA (Colombian government specialty coffee training) or at Amativo training lab. 

We also enjoy! chill in an awesome farm close to the tropical Santa Fe de Antioquia -bring swimming suit ;)-, and get to know Medellín Coffee Shop Tour and nightlife. 

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